Solidago caesia - Bluestem Goldenrod

  • $6.00

Botanical Name: Solidago caesia
Common Name: Bluestem Goldenrod
Plant Size: Baby Plant Plug 

Perennial that flowers purple June through September. Bee magnet! Flowers provide nectar and pollen all summer long.

Note: Plant plugs are baby plants. Plug plants have a soil root base of roughly 5" deep x 2" square with varying above ground growth -- a plug is the best size to plant with habitat gardening. Plant plugs are better adapted to being planted in a new garden and will grow-in healthier then larger plant sizes. And small plugs are easier & quicker for you to plant!

Within a few months to a year, the plant plugs will flower and fill in your garden. Thee plants will be much happier and healthier within their new surroundings as they were planted small and given room to grow-in on their own. 

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