PLAN it WILD’s Unlawning Kit - Mountain Mint

  • $99.00

The best way to start unlawning is to start small and start simple.

With PLAN it WILD's unlawning kit, you can easily remove areas of turf grass lawn one 3x10 section at a time and replant with one of the easiest to grow, hardiest, rarely deer-browsed natives out there: mountain mint. 

The unlawning kit includes 25 plugs of mountain mint (Pycnanthemum muticum), a 3'x10' biodegradable weed barrier, 6 biodegradable landscape stakes, instruction and maintenance cards.

Pick a 3x10 area of lawn to replace with the native mountain mint planting. Cover over the mowed lawn with the weed barrier. Stake the barrier into the lawn, cut 25, ~4" square or round slots into the barrier (spreading out the 25 holes for the plugs as evenly as possible, roughly 12-18" on-center), dig holes through the lawn into the soil, then plant the plugs in each hole. 

Plant in a spot that is partly shady to full sun (3+ hours of sun a day) and an average amount of water and/ or is a little dry. Ideal to plant this  kit over a mowed area of grass and replace lawn with habitat.

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