TOOLS - Coir (Coconut Fiber) Mulch Blocks - Six Pack

  • $12.00

6-pack of 4"x4" coir mulch blocks. Coir is made out of the husks of coconuts and expands with the addition of water. This 6-pack will provide a 1-2" depth layer of mulch over a 3' x 3' garden area. The mulch helps prevent weeds from taking root and helps visually define the new garden. It's recommended to re-apply the coir mulch once or twice (~ within 6 months to a year after planting) until the plants fill in and serve as their own green mulch. 

Habitat gardening steps:

1) Mow your lawn one last time! 

2) Empty everything out of cardboard box kit. Then unwrap and place coir mulch blocks back into the box. Add water to breakdown the blocks, enough to cover the blocks by a few inches with water. The blocks will take about 10 minutes to break down and become fluffy mulch. While you are waiting, set box with blocks aside and continue on to the next steps. After about 10 minutes, mash up the blocks with the bulb digger and add more water as needed. 

3) Cut 3ft wide biodegradable weed barrier to fit the length of your new planting area. 

4) Cover the lawn grass with the weed barrier.

5) Stake down the barrier in each corner with biodegradable stakes.

6) Cut small holes into the barrier wherever you want to plant your baby plug native plants. 

7) Use a bulb digger or drill auger to dig through the holes of the weed barrier and through the lawn grass in order to dig a small hole for the plant plug. 

8) The coir mulch should now be ready. Carefully place the mulch around the plants and fully cover over the 3x3 garden area.

It's just that easy to replace lawn with habitat! 

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