Biodegradable Landscape Stakes - Set of 4

  • $1.50

Bundle of 4 biodegradable stakes to hold down the 4 corners of a weed barrier and/or paper design plan. 

4 inch biodegradable landscape stakes are made of 100% recycled material.
Each stake breaks down in ~36 months, leaving only CO2, humus and water as the by-product. 

Habitat gardening steps:

1) Mow your lawn one last time! 

2) Cut 3ft wide biodegradable weed barrier (sold separately) to fit the length of your new planting area. 

3) Cover the lawn grass with the weed barrier.

4) Stake down the barrier in each corner with biodegradable stakes.

5) Cut small holes into the barrier where ever you want to plant your baby plug plants. 

6) Use a bulb digger or drill auger (sold separately) to dig through the holes of the weed barrier and through the lawn grass in order to dig a small hole for the plant plug. 

It's just that easy to replace lawn with habitat! 

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